Candidate: Ian Barker

The future of Tahunanui. The jewel in Nelson’s crown.

With the co-operation of existing business and accommodation organisations including the Holiday Park and Business Association a new governance system could be established wherein more local decision making will be possible.
This development could result in a community board type body which would be given the power to plan and co-ordinate tourism related activities and expenditure within a targeted locally raised and locally spent budget agreed with the Council.
Some time ago the camp management commissioned plans to establish a spa type activity taking advantage of the unrivalled winter sunshine and the suspected underground hot water.

This never eventuated but a new body such as described above could successfully develop and coordinate the creation of a visionary beach resort which takes advantage of what I believe is the best beach in NZ.

It will be imperative that the Council completes long overdue plans for the Reserve and for the development of a tourism focussed commercial village. The provision of sufficient parking for shoppers must be addressed.

Ian Barker,
Council Candidate

Candidate: Dennis Christian

Where do I see the future of Tahunanui?

I have great memories of growing up in Nelson, we enjoyed walking over Days Track to hang out for the day at the beach with friends.

As a tourism operator and having travelled extensively overseas it’s obvious that Tahunanui should be the jewel in the Nelson crown. Unfortunately, it is bisected by a major arterial route and is lacking the facilities it needs like a supermarket to be a self-sufficient community.

Community input is needed as there is a ton of potential to make it a thriving place that attracts locals and visitors. Amongst the priorities need to be improving Rocks Road for recreational use and better bus services. Is there a desire from the local community for better utilisation of the playing fields with more events, pop up eateries and cafes?

With concerns about potential sea level rises any planning needs to include the future proofing of the Tahunanui community.

Dennis Christian,
Council Candidate

Candidate: Alastair Cotterill

Vision for Tahunanui

• Free movies at beach big screen in summer time December/January near commercial businesses so they can benefit financially.
• Tidy up playground area. Paint some buildings near playground. Tree near playground needs to be tidied up so more sunlight gets in. Seat at back hardly been used, be nice if used.
• Fun activities on beach during summer and if successful all year round.
• Remark tennis court lines on Tennis Courts to tidy it up. Can do myself to save ratepayer money.
• Get Tahunanui Community to mix together and have a special function to bring everyone together. Everyone to bring plate or food so we can make it happen.
• Want Tahunanui Community Centre to play a big part in Community to help all people especially disadvantaged.
• Beach a key asset, keep cleaned.
• Live in Tahunanui, care about people.

Alastair Cotterill,
Council Candidate

Candidate: Bernie Goldsmith

We have the best suburb in the Nelson Region

We walk to the beach, restaurants, parks and bars, it has a cool beach vibe. The hub is the local school swimming pool in summer. The children walk or scooter, and we wave to each other.

The future for our suburb is a supermarket and a six storied apartment on Beach Road. Will that change our vibe – only if we allow it.

Keep our vibe alive

My name is Bernie Goldsmith I live and love Tahunanui, my children were born and raised here and I am a home owner. If elected I will be a vibrant younger, confident voice for our community to the Council table. Sea rising is a immediate issue at the back beach which will be addressed at Council and I will support measures to protect Tahunanui.

Happiness comes in Waves

Bernie Goldsmith,
Candidate for Council and NMDHB

Candidate: Owen Houliston

Houliston for City Council – ex Richmond Borough Councillor

Any focus on Tahuna should relate to the overall benefit of the whole city, that would be to the utilization of Beach area for the amenities that one could expect that would enhance area, benefit the City that could be found in a world wide situation.

Airport fifth in size makes sense to have an international airport top South Island – tourists fly in stay a while transverse down island leave Invercargill or Queenstown or be encouraged to return to Nelson?

Both central Government representatives and Local Body Councillors have not had the foresight to obtain this benefit, made available to Top of Island progressed. Too bloody unimaginative all of them.

You the ratepayers need a man at the table more especially ‘Works and Infrastructure’ that has wide experience in both. You won’t have that from Lawyers, Cops, Reporters, Old Bureaucrats.

Owen Houliston,
Council Candidate

Candidate: Luke King

Where do I see the future of Tahunanui?

I see it in two minds,
I see a beautiful beach side community with summer starting in October and not finishing until June every year.

Extension of the season by way of more inclusive community events and family friendly activities.

A lovely place to raise your children and live a more relaxed lifestyle than in Stoke or Nelson Central for example.

However, where I see it could be going is further into the lower socioeconomic bracket of residents as the new redesignation and zoning of community housing sections has already been passed. This will be a challenge we need to manage on a fundamental infrastructure level.

Start planning now for safer footpaths and better lighting.
Community CCTV cameras and open spaces.
Bring back a community police watchtower during peak tourist season maybe?

Redeveloping the main intersections to better accommodate through travel as well as safe access for residents.

Link Tahunanui with Wakefield Quay by way of a boulevard walkway out over the tide along Rocks Road, wide enough to offer foot and cycle ways.
Widen Rocks Road and improve traffic flow.

Provide seating, shelters, popup commercial sites, swimming and fishing platforms, and ladders.

With amazing vision and determination Tahunanui can be the jewel of NZ by including and supporting lower economic families, businesses, community events, and social support networks. Building strong community units where people feel part of something greater and not just stuck behind their fences, doors and walls.

Luke King,
Council Candidate

Candidate: Matt Lawrey

The future of Tahunanui can be great but changes need to be made.

The main road is always going to be busy so the sooner commercial activity spreads down Beach Road, the better.

The area needs a supermarket and the Holiday Park also needs a re-think so that some of it gets used in ways that create greater opportunities year round.

We need more cafes closer to the beach. We need more showers and better toilets and changing facilities.

We also need to get the walkway-cycleway built from Tahunanui to Wakefield Quay. The benefits for Tahunanui would be massive in terms of the opportunities it would present to locals to ride into town and the numbers of visitors it would bring to the area.

Finally, we need to grow the Tahunanui Community Centre to make it an even better hub for everyone.

Matt Lawry,
Nelson City Council Candidate

Candidate: Graeme O’Brien

Tahunanui is a very special place with a lot to offer the wider Nelson community.

I would envision building on what Tahunanui has to offer to cater for more involvement from the wider community, this includes making the Modelers Pond/Miniature Railway/attractions a unique area for all families to enjoy.

Unfortunately, as with many places in New Zealand Tahunanui does have families and individuals on low incomes and the issues arising from this need to be addressed as much as reasonably possible by Council.

Council has supported the Community Hub and continues to do so with ratepayer funding as has been provided recently.

Due to health concerns with PM2.5 pollution in Airshed A I cannot support moving the State Highway as we must put the health of our communities first and foremost as is clearly shown by Council’s own data, however this is ultimately a NZTA decision.

Graeme O’Brien
Council Candidate

Candidate: Campbell Rollo

I see the future of Tahunanui the same as the school motto ‘I can and I will’.

I am a proud Tahuna boy born and raised in the community beside the sea.

The future of this area is so important for our region we must work together united.

This is the area where generations of families come each year, set up camp, enjoy our hospitality and make memories that will last forever. We need to support our small businesses that thrive.

Our beach that is kept clean year round. Youth areas.
Easy options to get to and from school daily.

We can do this and as your city councillor I will work to be the voice of Tahuna standing up for the community that has given me and my family so much. This is the community where I learnt to kick a soccer ball, ride a bike.

I can and I will make sure it remains that for years to come.”

Campbell Rollo,
Council Candidate

Candidate: Mike Rutledge

The future of Tahunanui in 150 words

The future of Tahunanui is as a celebrated sea-side village, a sparkling gateway to Tahunanui Beach. Its relaxed atmosphere encourages locals and visitors to enjoy the beach, restaurants, bars and accommodation as well as shopping at clever businesses that call Tahunanui home.
A new, community-led, Reserve Management Plan sees this growth properly designed and managed.

Tahunanui has great walking and cycling connections from the south and along Rocks Road to the city centre. With NZTA agreeing that Tahunanui and Rocks Road is a poor location for the State Highway huge reductions in traffic volumes make Tahunanui a truly people-focused place.

The storm and waste water systems function very well. We no longer see beach closures from overflows. The pond is fixed, clear and easy to clean with modellers providing thousands of hours of joy for kids of all ages.

Tahunanui takes it rightful place as the jewel in Nelson’s crown.

Mike Rutledge,
Council Candidate

Candidate: Rachel Sanson

The future of Tahunanui is bright. It is a beautiful seaside community, of huge value to our city and region.

The future of Tahunanui

I believe it needs to be valued and prioritised, to ensure the community itself remains strong and that infrastructure is future-proofed to protect low lying areas.

Active and public transport networks need to be developed to enhance safety and connection, and reduce traffic congestion.

The community itself must have access to key services such as community and youth hubs, a supermarket, library and postal services – resources that will build and strengthen community resilience.

I’d like to see swift action taken to remediate the modellers’ pond area, enhancing the natural environment and recreation opportunities, and improve beachside facilities (toilets, clubroom etc).

Rachel Sanson,
Council Candidate

Candidate: Tim Skinner

I see Tahunanui Reserve as a destination playground, our gateway to Nelson, a gem in this region’s crown.

I want to see the utmost done to protect, maintain, and investment in Tahunanui for the coming future.

It’s a great asset, not just the natural features. The Campground, the largest holiday park in the Southern Hemisphere. The wonderful ‘Ride on Railway’, Tahunanui pond, barbeque areas, and sports fields are popular spots for families of all generations to enjoy.
A favourite place for outdoor birthday parties at minimal cost for families.

Rocks Road is my favourite route. But needs to be further protected and improved for safer connectivity for cycling and walking. Action is needed now to future proof, by creating alternative solutions or route for our growing freight vehicles and commuting traffic.

Though my greatest priority for future of Tahunanui, is the families and community wellbeing, both the young and old.

Tim Skinner
Mayoral and Council Candidate

Candidate: Virat Vij

Where do you see the future of Tahunanui?

– my answer to your question

1. Tahunanui area is very important to my heart as it’s one of Nelson’s jewels worth protecting and growing while maintaining it’s originality.
2. Tahunanui should be developed so EVERYONE from all ages can enjoy it equally
3. Quicker transport options including free bus services for students, seniors and young families.
4. More events to keep the area vibrant and support businesses and homes by keeping lower rates.
5. Margaret Mahy park for Tahunanui – recycling and reusing some of the existing play areas and adding much vibrant, interactive and kids friendly park on turf.
6. Morning and evening walks, races for life, laughing clubs in the natural beauty should be promoted.
7. Training our future generation to engage and preserve our natural environment
8. Better roads, clean water and better sewage and drainage solutions for local community.
9. More events – not hidden in the back – upfront so more businesses can benefit.

Virat Vij,
Council Candidate

Candidate: Mike Ward

Where to Tahunanui?

Enhancing Tahunanui’s very coolest seaside village/ playground reputation, began with Council’s traffic calming and pedestrian linkages in Beach Road, Muritai and Tahunanui Drive. It had been given a shot in the arm by plummeting traffic volumes as more Nelsonians chose to work from home, live closer to where they worked, commute less and walk, cycle, carpool, bus …. and work fewer hours, to make time for the things that most delighted them ….which included going to the beach …. via the Port Hills walkways and the brilliant Rocks Road promenade or taking the funky buses or train along the future proofed highway with its new sea wall, (raised and shifted to accommodate the new activity).

Tahunanui businesses had responded to a can do council’s invitation to be creative (and the traffic calming and the dramatically increased pedestrian traffic) by establishing a range of boutique businesses ….

to be continued, embraced, added to ….

Mike Ward,
Mayoral Candidate 2019

Candidate: Avner Nahmias

My Vision for Nelson includes an enhanced public transport system

There is much talk of the Nelson CBD, and the dire need to revive it. In my opinion, Nelson has in fact three CBD’s, the city being naturally divided by its geography into Centre, Tahunanui, and Stoke. These areas need equal attention, and a tighter bond.

My Vision for Nelson includes an enhanced public transport system – more frequesnt buses (fueled by methane derived from our ‘waste’) serving the greater Nelson area and remote (free) parking areas at the southern and northern outskirts.

Tahunanui can benefit from clever urban planning, responsibly separating (over time) residential and industrial activities, providing safe cycle and walkways, green areas and local retail and commercial.

As mentioned in My Big Picture Vision, welcoming travellers from the south and the airport, the WOW area needs to offer more tourist attractions, as does the beach, playgrounds and modelers zone. This will enhance economic activity in line with what Nelson is about, benefitting the Tahunanui community and our entire city.
For my vision go to

Avner Nahmias,
Mayoral Candidate, Nelson 2019

Candidate: Mel Courtney

Where do I see the future of Tahunanui?

Tahunanui is the jewel in Nelson’s Crown. It has been and will continue to be a place of enjoyment, fun and play for generations of locals and visitors alike.

The future for Tahunanui is bright! What we must do is enhance what we have got and also look to build on what we already have.

A sense of community is the key where tourism, retail, residential coexist. The Tahunanui Village heart and feel needs to be achieved. We need to work alongside local businesses to ensure vibrancy and activity. We need to take into account and listen to resident requirements and needs. We need to involve the tourism sector in these ideas and plans.

This will mean the new Council turning its attention to streetscape, differentiated commercial and residential space, walking linkages, in essence creating that sense of permanence over transience.
Together we can do great things!

Mel Courtney,
Mayoral Candidate 2019

Candidate: Rachel Reese

Before looking at the future, let’s check where Tahunanui is today.

Some things are great:
• Active Business Association
• Economic contribution is high – tourism, key production, engineering, and manufacturing industries, Airport
• Investment in new apartments
• Strong community hub, early childhood education and school
• Reserve and beach are a drawcard for locals and visitors
• Tahunanui people have a strong sense of identity and champion their suburb

Some things are not so great:
• Many people and families with insecure housing – living in motels
• School roll turnover is high
• Deprivation is high
• No local supermarket
• The commercial heart is split by the State Highway
• Coastal erosion
• Limited sports facilities on reserve

The future for Tahunanui is bright if we build on your strong sense of identity and leadership. I’d like to establish a Community Advisory Board (with decision-making powers and budget), supported by the Council and Government agencies to build on your strengths and really get to work on the challenges. Housing, social deprivation, a village centre, climate change effects, and addressing severance are key issues.

Rachel Reese,
Mayoral Candidate

Candidate: Bill Dahlberg

Tahuna Beach is one of Nelson’s Icons and it needs an action plan

The revitalisation of the governance for Tahunanui Holiday Park Management started a year ago and I supported this and we need to see this through. We need to get the management to a high level of business success so the Holiday Park continues to attract visitors to Nelson.

Tahuna Beach Lions playground toilet block needs an upgrade, not more talk.

The playing fields could be a great place for an artificial turf to assist with all-weather training and playing options, this would engage more of our youth in sport with positive outcomes. With the fields extra use the changing shed area could also need a makeover.

I supported Natureland for many years as a Rata Foundation Trustee and was disappointed with NCC reduced funding after the community asked us to support this fabulous facility. I felt with over 400 people engaging to ask for sufficient support, that some Councillors let these people down.

The Tahunanui Storm Water Retention Pond ‘Modelers Pond’ has my support for a long overdue upgrade and to finally see it completed.

It is great to see the Tahunanui Community Hub back supplying services in the community.

The new apartments development will add to the options for an increase in retail amenities and the Tahunanui Business Association need support to enhance opportunities.

Bill Dahlberg
Mayoralty Candidate