You will no doubt be aware of  NZTA’s Southern Link investigation which has now progressed to a really important stage where public input is being sought.
NZTA is holding a public engagement session in Tahunanui this Wednesday, 13 April, at the Tahuna Function Centre, Tahuna Beach Camp, between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. where they will be available to discuss the proposals and any issues that you may have or that will affect our community of Tahunanui.

This is an important opportunity for Tahunanui to make its views on this known to NZTA and we would encourage you all to attend at any time during this three hour period – it is a drop in so no need to stay for any particular length of time.   We hope also that you will encourage your staff, colleagues, friends, to attend.   NZTA Executive will be attending together at 4 p.m. and you are welcome to join them then or call in at any time during the session.

TBA has long been a supporter of moving the State Highway from its existing location along Tahunanui Drive and Rocks Road to a new purpose built Southern Arterial Route.   This would allow the Tahunanui Structure Plan to be implemented, reduce the number of heavy traffic vehicles currently using Tahunanui and Annesbrook Drives – putting pressure on the inadequate infrastructure, dividing our community in two, and creating an unsafe environment for our residents, children and businesses.

NZTA have produced an information booklet that includes a series of options.   These options are:

a)   Make the most of the existing network

b)   Widen the existing arterial routes

c)   Create a new arterial route

d)   Any other approach

You will find a copy of NZTA’s Engagement booklet here:  This has a submission form on the back page to complete and email or post back to NZTA.   Alternatively you can submit your answers online via   Submissions close on 24 April.

TBA will be making a submission to NZTA strongly supporting Option (c) because it is the most sensible and cost-effective option for relieving traffic congestion, making our CBD more accessible to the wider, growing population, and increasing recreational usage of our world class waterfront and very importantly allowing better access and linkage between the city and Tahunanui.   We encourage you to support Option (c) and send in a submission.

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